I Should Probably Look More Into Fashion Marketing
So one of the classes I’m taking is Intro to Fashion. At first I thought it was just a class to the entire industry but on the first day, the Professor specified that it was Intro to Fashion Marketing. While I hadn’t really thought about taking a marketing class, I realized that I did actually want to know more about the industry than just the design side. If I ever wanted to open up my own store, I would have to learn at least the basics of marketing my brand. Now the class is not an in depth class to fashion marketing, just a brief overview, but it’s interesting to learn about. I think I’ll probably take more marketing classes.
Right now we are researching a company and learning about how they run their business and their company. I’ve picked Kate Spade. Now I’ve never really shopped at the store since it’s way too expensive for a broke ass college student, but I love their brand image. It’s a lifestyle really, something I envision myself having, or at least wanting to have. And it is fully realized image, not like half assed. I love their marketing and style and would like to shape my line in a similar fashion. Not that I want to copy Kate Spade, because I would only be play acting. No, I’d like to have a fully realized brand that people can easily aspire to and put themselves in, just like I’d like to with Kate Spade. And somehow, I’d like to mix in my writing. Not that I have to though, but in my dream world, they’re connected. But this is the real world and nothing every goes according to plan. It can’t hurt to dream, can it?