What The Hell Is Taking All My Time?

Just a quick update on my silence lately. All of last week was prep for finals and all of this upcoming week is finals-ish. One, I went to ACL last weekend and it was amazing. I’m going to write more about the experience when I have time to but heres a quick recap. It was packed, like hella packed, and muddy for two of the three days. I got to see Iggy, Skrillix, Calvin Harris and Zedd. Amy’s Mexican Vanilla shake was heaven. I lost my phone and had to revert to an old 4s. (lets all shed a tear here). Missed a crucial day of class to go to the first day of ACL. I am now behind on work and missed the day where he talked about the final. I am scrambling to make up all my work and still have to time to sleep. Oh and work, since I didn’t really have tome to work on hwk all this weekend because of it.

Two, tomorrow is my birthday, or I guess today is since its 12 already. It’s going to be school from 8-5, getting ready and planning my birthday what ever it’s going to be and doing that all evening. Then scrambling to catch up on hwk all day tuesday. Let’s guesstimate that I’ll be silent for another week because Fashion Class are a kick in the ass and I’m still not used to all the work.

So anyways that’s my quick update. Hopefully I’ll get around to writing about ACL and what ever happens for my 21st. ( Don’t expect it to an all out crazy event where I end up black out drunk because you should know by now that I’m not like that. But I might actually try a drink though. I’m still debating it.)

Here’s something to hold you over and offer as an apology.

I wish the photo quality was better but thats what you get when you zoom in with an iPhone 5s. Also, I wish I hadn’t lost my phone and lost all my video with it. It was a sad day to say the least. But at least I did save whatever was on iCloud.

Oh! and also, I saw The Book of Life thursday. It was AH-MAZING!!!! You have to go see it. It was stunning and beautiful and funny and well, just go watch the movie and you’ll understand. Bye ^_^

Katy vs Taylor

So theres rumors of a feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Apparently it’s been going on for sometime now, just behind the scenes. While I don’t know them or their beef, I love them both as artists, but on different measures. Taylor is a songwriter and storyteller. You can see it in her concerts. She’s elegant and fun and preppy. Taylor can make fun of herself and not take herself to seriously. She always comes off as sincere.
Katy Perry on the other hand. Well she is a character into herself. When I see Katy Perry, I don’t see Katy, the person, but Katy Perry, the persona. She is fun, outgoing, and loud. She takes drastic and sometimes weird risks. Her concert is like going to go see a play and she is acting out the part of Katy Perry. Katy Perry doesn’t come off as sincere, but you don’t expect that from her. You also can’t count it against her because it almost seems like it is her. She is a very talented actress, but one who has a type, an over the top one.

Some might argue that Taylor Swift is an actress, pretending to be sweet. If she is, then she is even better than Katy because it seems so real that you can’t possibly think that she’s acting. (unless you just hate her sweet humbleness, then you’ll automatically think she’s faking, but me, as a fan. I don’t.)

I almost can’t even picture them being friends or sharing the same realm. That’s also another reason they could be in a feud. They seem like they wouldn’t like each other instantly. Katy would probably be on of those people who automatically dislikes Taylors “innocence” and try to poke and poke, because Katy Perry has a strong personality that never bows down. At least thats what she projects on to everyone. Its also the reason she is so popular and huge.

Taylor on the other hand, would feel like she never knew where she stood because Katy acts like Katy. Taylor probably fills ill at east because she is sweet and nice and doesn’t want to be mean to people who don’t understand or don’t want to understand her own image. They’re like those two girls who annoy the hell out of each other because they’re so different but if they just sat down and were honest with each other, they might actually like and respect each other. Who knows, maybe that’s just my wishful thinking. Honestly though, its not confusing why they’re “in a feud” and trading mean girl barbs. I personally love them on their own and while it might sound weird as fuck or just plain amazing, I’d love to hear a collab between them. Come on, be nice and just leave it all on the table, girls.

So….I went to the Katy Perry Concert

First off let me tell you that the concert itself, was good, different but good. Katy Perry is her own character and the concert suited Katy, it was almost like an extension of herself. I’ll talk more on her and the concert when I compare it with the only other concert I’ve gone to. Right now I’m going to talk about the actual experience which, unfortunately, I can not call a positive one.
I arrived at American Airlines Center around like 5:30 pm. To my surprise there wasn’t a line that long, at least when compared to Taylor Swifts Red concert. So anyways, I, of course, forgot to charge my phone so I plugged up to an outlet outside the building and sat myself on the ground. There was a group of girls next to me, one of them charging their phones, when two guys walked up as asked if they could answer some questions. Reporters and what not. So I just sat there and listened as he asked them about how long they’d been fans, if they could name all the albums, all there movies (them, like me, were like what? She was in a movie? Well, not really, unless you count Smurfs a movie worth mentioning) He also asked them to compare Katy Perry to Lady Gaga, and emphasizing on wether Katy was better than Gaga, then even asked these girls about ebola. Ebola, people! I was literally sitting on the ground trying not to laugh as these 12 year old girls looked surprised and confused at that one thrown in question. (They replied that they’re weren’t scared of contracting Ebola.) Then the guys left and not 1o minutes later the doors opened up. I just wandered around till the opening act started, like around 7, even entering the birthday contest. (Sadly, I did not get to go on stage.)
So Ferras came on first. He’s that one artist Katy Perry found and is employing as her first artist on her record label. Ok so first off, what the hell was he wearing? It took me till his last two songs to actually take him seriously. (Plus they were amazing, especially champagne) Like he had his hair in this dreadlocks ponytail or something. Then his shirt was so long it might have as well been a dress. Oh and the print on the shirt was so distracting. Visually, it was awful. But I guess he makes up for it talent. (I just wish he wouldn’t turn people off with how he dressed.)

After Ferras it was Tegan and Sara. Oh my god. Now I love them. I’m not familiar with their work, well sort, but not really. After this, I know I have to go buy some of their songs. They even played Everything is Awesome! (I don’t especially love the song or the movie but hey, it was fun. As for their fashion sense, well it wasn’t awful but it also wasn’t amazing. I guess it just was.
You know, I just realized that I got off track of what I was supposed to write about, so lets just get straight into it. The last time I went to a concert was for Taylor Swift last year. I got section 100 something and wanted closer seats this time, so I opted in for floor tickets. More expensive, but I assumed better. Boy was I wrong.

(this was my view just sitting down. Her damn hair was gigantic.)

For the Ferras and Tegan and Sarah, it was fine. When people were seated, I could see fine. But when they stood up for Katy, all I could see were their backs and the screens up above. Guys I missed the first 30 minutes of this concert and it still infuriates me. When I asked the ushers if I could move closer they said no. When I asked if I could change seats, they said no. When I started to ask for a refund, they sent me to box office. Oooooh, remembering it frustrates me so much. They sent me walking around the entire place only to find out that Box was closed. Thats when I heard Katy sing I kissed A Girl and just broke out into tears, asking people they kept pointing me to, for a refund or a new seat. It took them 30 minutes and I missed the cool light up part of the concert (think ddm lights) and some of my favorite songs. They finally moved me to a better seat, but I was already upset. Watching the rest of the concert helped a little, especially when Katy referred to her wig as a weave. But it still tinged my experience. I knew I should be happy that I was finally able to see the stage, but my anger and frustration just held on tight. (It also did not help that while I missed the beginning of the show I still caught the weird ass cat part. like no. hell no)
Guys, I shelled out money for that floor ticket, I had to go friday instead of thursday because of that ticket AND I asked off of work, like are you kidding me? Either something has to change or they have to give refunds. I payed to be closer to the screen, not to see other peoples back. I even emailed Ticketmaster but they said they couldn’t help. Oooooohhh, I just gotta get my mind off of this. It annoys me so much. 
Either way, I did see the concert. It was a mix of cool, fun and just plain weird, like that cat part, um no. I like her Walking on Air stunt, the Birthday Stunt, and oh especially the This Is How We Do performance. That one had me just dancing in my seat. I just wish I ‘d seen the beginning. 

No One Realizes Just How Hard School Is

Okay, so it’s only been like 6 weeks since school started and I’m already so bogged down with school work, I’m spending all my time just catching up. Like no one prepares you for how tough fashion classes are. Most people look at me like I’m crazy for saying that, but seriously, these classes are TIME consuming. I’m taking th least number of classes I’ve ever taken and yet it’s the most work I’ve ever had. The thing is, the classes I’m taking aren’t study and take a quiz to pass kind of class. For example I’m in Patterns 1 at the moment. We created a pattern for our mannequin and we are manipulating it every week. Every week is another assignment. We are cutting out a working pattern, manipulating it and creating a new patter from which we have to cut out of muslin and sew together. And it’s not just one manipulation, but three to five, and each needs a pattern and a muslin. It’s a lot. And it’s only one of my class.
I’m also taking Ready to Wear construction. We are just starting facings this week and I’m already behind because I had to cut out a shit ton of pieces out of muslin and interfacing. Like there are about 10 pieces per item and you have to make sure you have mirror images or you have to recut, like I did. And you haven’t even got to the the actual sewing part. Sewing could be the hardest most annoying part or the easiest. It just depends on, well the whim of the universe really. Like I literally hate my seam ripper. Every teacher will say it’s your best friend, but I’m like no, it’s more like that friend who always shows you up and makes you feel bad while you simutaimiously hate their guts at the same time. Like I do not want that type of friend, thank you very much.
Anyways so that’s what I’ve been up to. Agggh. I’m just gonna take a rest for a moment. This takes at lot out of you.

(FYI, I’m also taking fashion history and French. French is just a class I took to be a full time student and history, well don’t even get me started on that class. It’s taught by the same professor who teaches patterns and he wants us to learn all these different items, their names, their time period and their spellings. On top of that we have two big project due before thanksgiving. Guys I have patterns and rtw to worry about without all of this extra. 😒 )

The meaning just got even deeper

So I just rewatched Quite a Common Fairy and realized that Regina could have chosen to enter that bar and changed everything. Even more than implied in this episode. In episode 2 if season 4, she was complaining about the author of the book not giving her happy endings, but it all came down to her. If she’d gone in and met the man with the lion tattoo, ahem Robin Hood, he wouldn’t have married Marion, wouldn’t have Rolan, and wouldn’t have had to leave Regina to go back to Marion because she never died. It all boils down to her fear. Just had to write the thought out, since I just realized it connected even more to the current going ons in season 4. Those writers minds work in amazing ways.

Does Anyone Else Do That?

So I learned that I tend to cry in stressful situations. Like when I get into a fender bender or I lock my keys into my car. And I never cry. Here is recount of my crazy hectic horrible morning where I felt hopeless and cried at the bus station. Don’t judge me.

(Also the writing is a bit fast and curt, but that was because I was writing it on the train ride to school and didn’t want to forget anything.)

So today I locked my keys in my car, along with everything I needed. My bus pass, my wallet and school supplies. Everything but my phone, jacket and umbrella. 
I had parked at the park n ride so I could catch the 7:09 train downtown. It had started raining so I reached for my jacket that happened to be in the back seat. I ended up dropping my keys with out realizing. So with my jacket on, I open the door and my umbrella push the button to unlock the back doors bc that’s where my backpack and purse were. That’s where it all went wrong. I guess I pushed the wrong side of the button, locking the doors. As I went to open the back door, the driver door closed shut and boom car locked with the keys inside. 
Luckily I had my phone so I went to call my grandfather who I’d only just said bye to only minutes before. He didn’t answer. I tried again. No answer. Again. No answer. Then I called my aunt. No answer. The I called my cousin. Then my uncle. Then another aunt. Then the whole circle again and again. Nobody was picking up. I had just missed the train. And on top of that it was raining and I was sick. 
Finally, finally!, my cousin called me back. I asked to ask her dad, her aunt, her brother, anyone if they could help me unlock my car. My uncle didn’t know, but my cousin did. So I waited another 30 min for him to show up. Then I finally called my parents, trying to figure out how my dad had opened the car door before. Also to have them wire me some money in case I did have to pay for a locksmith. When my cousin showed up, he didn’t have a slim jim. It was fine. We could go buy one at autozone. Ha! No, slim Jim’s are illegal to buy or sell. 
Screwed, we headed back to my car. Using some tools from the trunk of his car; a flat wrench or screwdriver, a wide flat crow bar type thing, and the stick to twist blinds. It didn’t work. The stick was to thick to fit through the crack he managed to open. 
That’s when I gave up and called a locksmith. Do you know they charge you 75$ to go to you and open your car. On top of that I’d have to wait 30min to an hour. But just as I hung up the phone, some guy walked up to us, asking if we needed help. He showed us his key which looked an awful lot like mine. I was overjoyed and asked him to try to open my door. It didn’t work but he did recommend to try to use the antenna instead if the blind stick. And it worked!!!! Hearing the unlock sound I thanked him profusely and grabbed my keys at first shot.
By then it was too late to even try to make it to class so my aunt invited me and my cousin (her son) to have breakfast. That’s how a godawful morning that started off with me crying in the rain bc no one would answer my phone ended with me getting a free breakfast and time to calm down in time for my next class at 11:30. 

I’m Doing My Research

My dream has always been to be a fashion designer, and while I’m trying to strictly deterring what I’d like to do, I’ve always thought about opening up my own plus size store. I want a store with clothes that I can wear and make me feel beautiful, all of my 250 lb, size 18/20 me. My problem with the current market is that most plus size stores are aimed at an older demographic. I don’y even enter Lane Bryant or Avenue. I like Torrid but my style is sweet retro pastel and Torrid tends to be a somewhat professional with a hint of a rocker past. I should know since it’s where I’ve shopped since I was 14. And don’t think I don’t love Torrid because I do. There jeans are perfect and utter magic. But I have never once seen a pastel pink circle skirt enter those doors. Forever 21 might have a section that I would die to own but they’re plus size shop tends to jump on trends and I have a set style that I love, or would love to wear.
That’s why I’ve been thinking about opening up my own shop. Not a brick and mortar because I don’t have any money, but maybe an online store. And if I could, I’d make a whole collection, but come one, I’m not ready for that. Right now I just want to design my perfect circle skirt. They are my favorite type of skirt because their bouncy and flowy and make me want to twirl. I made one in high school and so far it’s been the best because my recent one either don’t fit right or I just plain forgot how to add a zipper. Right now I’m still in the planning stage, but I’d like to know your thoughts on the idea. Would you buy something I made? Are any of you interested in plus size circle skirts? Would you like to keep hearing more of it or just wait to be surprised?