Can You Believe School Starts in 5 Days?

Everything’s happening so fast I feel like a chicken with it’s head cut off. First off, school starts monday and my professors are only just now emailing the lists of necessary supplies for each class. Oh and one teacher just released the book we need to order, so I won’t be getting that till school starts Ugh. Anyway, on top of that, I’m painting my house. I’ve already done the living room and entry way, but just as I started the kitchen, I landed wrong on my ankle and hurt it, which sucks because I can’t stand on it too long until it gets sore. Oh! and on top of all that, though it is good thing, I just got a job. I’m going in to do the paperwork friday, so I’m going to try to get everything I need to get on that day as well as I don’t know if they’re gonna put me in training either saturday and sunday since I’m only available fri-sun. So yeah. That’s me. And my mom said I have to rest my ankle, Ha!  -_- 

But I’m excited nonetheless. I’m starting a new semester, new job and just getting my life in order. I can stand a couple days of having run around town and spend all of my money. Lolz. Who I am kidding, it’s my moms money. I had to call her to let her know I needed more. (I already spent about $280 on some books and supplies. This semester is gonna be hella expensive.)

Shake It Off

I just heard Taylor Swifts new song and oh. my. god. First off, I saw the music video first, I didn’t listen to audio, which I am going to recommend you to do the opposite. Taylor is changing her image, as she always does, and at first I was like what the hell? What am I watching? It’s not like her cute romantic videos, like she is um, well watch it to get what I’m saying…but only after you hear the song. 

Once I heard the song by itself, I fell in love with it. It makes you want to move and dance, and has like no hint of her country roots. Which isn’t a bad thing if you ask me. But then again I lean more towards her pop music than her country. Red is my favorite album of hers and I hope the next one will another favorite as well. Anyways, thats all for today. I would link the video but…just listen to it first.

Too Lazy to Even Make Food

sorry I’ve been a little m.i.a I’ve just been doing, well, nothing. Turns out my week back in dallas is my one true week of vegging out. Going home wasn’t really relaxing, not when it makes me realize just why I wanted to move out in the first place. And even on my vacation there was always things for me to do, decisions to make. And this past week has been well truly vegging. I haven’t really left my house in the past couple days. I’ve just been with lounging in my bed reading or listening to music and rearranging my room.( I would say cleaning but it never seems to actually get clean) I even been too lazy to cook. Like seriously I would starve if I didn’t remind myself that eating is a big part of surviving. And even then I was too lazy to actually make and food. (that and I had to wait till I had money to go grocery shopping.)
But that’s all done, for now. I need to start applying for jobs. I need to get prepared for this new fall semester. And I have to start getting my life in order. So here’s to a new school year slash life. New Years is just for the calendars my friends. Life starts again in august. At least mine does. 

Someone told me the funniest thing

I had lunch with my dad and little sister today. It was all fine and no one was actual fighting or anything (me and my lil sis fight like cats and dogs), but towards the end, my dad brought up something, that while funny in context to me, isn’t really all that funny. See, it started with him asking me if I told my cousin to not go to her church camp. I was, like no. I told him that I’d invited her to come to S.A. because my aunt was coming for the weekend and she could return with me the following week. She declined, saying she had to go to church and wanted to spend more time with her friend. I was like fine and let it go. My dad then tells me that someone called him and asked him I was cutting myself because they’d just caught my cousin doing so.

This is the part thats both funny and not. First off, I am the person least likely to ever do shit like that. Like I literally laughed out loud. Me, cut my self? I don’t even drink or smoke. My sister was even like what the fuck. I’m the straightest square you’ll ever meet. Like you can’t get me away from stuff like that quick enough.
On the other hand, I can’t believe my cousin was cutting herself. She never let on or anything, but then again, cutters, or anyone with a problem is good at hiding. It also annoyed me because my aunt or whoever had called my dad (he wouldn’t tell us who) was blaming me by asking if I was doing it too. Like what the fuck? And I know, you could be arguing that they just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing it to, but I know my family, and that’s their way of placing blame, by trying to be all concerned.
Of course my dad told them that no, I wasn’t, both because he knew I would never and we had just spent a week at the beach in our bathing suits. I’m able to play it off because while I’m like why the fuck are you blaming me, just the possibility that I could be the one to be showing it to her is too ridiculous to just pass up. Like I literally laughed, still am laughing. If anyone even knew me, they’d know it could never be me. Like no.

But seriously, I’m still a little shocked that my cousin could even be doing that. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that her family are just gonna blame me and my sisters and sweep the entire thing under the rug. And I have no idea how to bring the topic up and help my cousin. It’s out of my depth. I’m just a nerd who’s only drama is trying to get my projects and homework done in time for class. Oh and getting a job.

Do you see why it’s funny that they blamed me? Whatevs, I don’t really care if they think it’s my fault. I’ll just sit here laughing. (and thinking what I could do to help my cousin)

I started another blog…

but this time it’s hidden. It’s a place where I’ve decided to post one of the old books I’ve finished, yet scrapped. So far I’ve gotten to chapter three-ish but am realizing that it’s a lot, especially when all I wanted to do was write the story I’m currently into. And as I rewrite it, I’m editing it, which is work, let me tell you. Since returning from vacation, I even almost feel like just giving up and just copy and pasting it. I’d rather focus on my new stuff, but I’d also like some critiques and stuff. I have a tag that’s specifically for my blog. It’s scrambled up but see if you can decipher it. You’re going to hate me aren’t you? ;p

find the tag: letters are a, l, l, t, h, b

How to Theater Hop Pt. 2

Fifth Tip: Concessions. I usually arrive at the movie theater about 20 to 30 minutes before showtime to allow for long concession lines. And trust me you’ll need it if you go during the weekend. Lines are gonna get crazy long. I should know since I used to work for a movie theater. Oh and if you’re going to a Marvel movie, let me warn you. Go an hour ahead if you are going opening weekend. God, I worked both the Avengers opening and the Iron Man 3 weekend. That shit was crazy and packed. There were lines just to get into the theater to find seat, like before the movie before it even finish. It’s a mad house in there. So long story short, go early for popcorn and soda. Oh and get a large. You’ll be staying there most of the day, so get all the popcorn you can get. If you want to spring for a drink, get a large, since both get unlimited refills the day you buy it.

Hint: Buy candy at the grocery store. Even some drinks if you want. Everything is as expensive as fuck at the movie theaters. What normally cost $1 is going to cost you $4.

Sixth Tip: Before you go into your theater, scope out the place and figure out which theater has which movie. You need to know where to go once your movie is over. Also check to see it they have an usher checking tickets. At the one I go to, if it’s slow, they only have one at the very front, but when it’s gets busy, they split it up and have someone checking tickets for each wing of theaters. If that happens to you, you’re plans are going to changed because it’s harder to theater hop when the movie you want is in the other wing and they’re checking theaters. This is why you should have list movies and different options to see.

Seventh Tip: Do not be obnoxious when theater hopping. Like seriously, don’t be screaming to your friend that you found it. Act normal and be just a little more serious than you normally are. You don’t want to draw attention to yourself. Walk into the theater, take your seat and enjoy the wait till the lights dim. If you have assigned seating, well I’d advise you to wait until the movie starts to find a seat. People tend to continue to roll in during the trailers but they should all be there once the movie starts.

Hint: Most shifts don’t end until six, so if you’re getting popcorn in between showtimes, go to another concession worker. Also don’t make eye contact with those ushers who are waiting to clean the movie theater. You don’t want them to remember your face the next time they clean your theater. Unless they’re hot, then go ahead, blind them with your flirtatiousness. Once it passes six though, you’re home free. They’ll mostly be all new people.

Eight Tip: Enjoy the movie and relax. Try to eat something, but it’s not a big deal if you don’t. I’ve realized I’m not that hungry once I get sick of popcorn. Just keep a drink with you though, you will get thirsty.

Hint: Do not take in pizza or something that will stink up the place. You are trying not to draw attention to yourself, not get everyone to glare at you. Another tip, is to get your money’s worth. I always get a refill on that soda and drink before every movie, even if I don’t finish it. I also get another refill before I go home. You spent your hard earned money on that popcorn and drink. So get as much out of it as you did on that ticket.

So there it is, my guide to theater hopping. Enjoy your next trip to the movie theaters and don’t get robbed blind.

How to Theater Hop

I started to theater hop when I was in fifth grade. My dad taught me and it’s something he passed down to me. So I want to pass it down to you, at least my version. When my dad taught me and did it, he was more spontaneous about it. I, on there other hand, well this was just hinting at how much of a planner I am. And I was just twelve.

First Tip: Well, this isn’t necessarily a first step, but it was mine. Since I only got money the four times I got a report card. If I got all A’s, I usually got a $100 and I’d have to make it last for three months. I.E. I had to know what movies I was going to want to watch and which ones where going to come out. That’s why I have a list of movies one to two years in advance, even if I don’t need it know. It still helps with anticipation and enjoyment. Anyways, this step is about researching which movie you want to watch. I made a list of movies for each month and weekend. Looked up movie trailers and posters and etc. I then would put them in order of must see to can skip.

Second Tip: I usually had one movie I absolutely had to see every month and a couple extra that I could choose to sneak into. The movie you have to see will determine when you, like release date. If it comes out friday, do you want to see it the day before? (it used to be midnight but not anymore) Or do you want to wait till saturday or sunday? It’s super busy friday evening and all of saturday. Sunday is a pretty chill day, but there are a lot more families. Friday morning or Sunday afternoon are the best because either people are in school or work or are getting ready for school and work the next day.

Hint: I would totally recommend going to the movies during the week as it’s basically empty and there are no lines for anything. (unless it’s the holidays then well scrap what I just said)

Third Tip: Money. As I was always tight on money, I always tried to see a movie for under 20$. It’s possible but it requires a bit of work. For one, I go see movies in the morning. Most movie theaters have matinee pricing before 6pm. I remember when it only used to cost $6.50 but the lasted price I paid was $8.50. It’s more expensive than it used to be, but hey, it’s like two dollars less than a ticket in the evening. (I do have to point out that it cost more for RPX, 3D, or Imax, but it’s still cheaper than going in the evening). Of course you can go when ever you want, but thats just my tip

Fourth Tip: There is another reason I recommend to watch a movie in the morning, especially if you’re going theater hopping. It gives you more time to see other movies. Most movies are at least 1 hr and 40 minutes long. The longest movies I’ve seen are like Harry Potter or Hobbit movies, which tend to run over 2 hrs. So once you’ve picked a date, look up how long every movie you want to see is, and write down every showtime for every movie. This is when math come in. Pick a time for the movie, calculate when the movie will end, and try to find the nearest showtime for the next movie. Sometimes you will need to adjust when you see the movies you want, unless you want to wait like another hour. But if that’s the only time, well you’ll just have to wait. This is when friends come in.

Hint: Most movies allow you to sit down in the theater about 20/30 minutes before the next showtime, i.e. that why they have that 20 min show about upcoming stuff. Also whatever time your ticket tells you that the movie starts, it’s actually about another 20 minutes before it actually starts as you have to go through movie trailers.

To Be Continued….