The Basics: Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow used to be an everyday thing for me. Back when I wasn’t allowed to play with different hair colors, I played with different eyeshadows. Nowadays, my hair is too extreme/colorful on it’s own that my usual eyeshadows might clash or grab too much attention. So I tend to focus more my eyeliner.
But there are days that I feel like wearing eyeshadow. The first step with wearing any eyeshadow is putting on eyeshadow primer. My eyes, like I mentioned earlier, are oily to say the least. I need a primer so that the eyeshadow doesn’t crease, at least not as soon as it usually does. My favorite primer is Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. I bought it in the Eden color, which is a little too light for me, so I can’t wear it alone. But I will only allow myself to buy another shade/version until I finish this one, and its nowhere near empty, despite that I bought it a year ago. A little of this stuff goes a long way, trust me. This is an investment. (Again when you apply, rub don’t pat)

Now eyeshadow is all up to you. My eyeshadows though tend to be from L’oreal’s now discontinued line H.I.P, or Impulse cosmetics (these are powder/pigments and are harder to use but the color pay off is amazing), or my Sephora Moonshadow Baked Palette. Oh! I also just fell in love with yet another sample from Ipsy, its the bareMinerals 5 in 1 bb Cream Shadow in Divine Wine. Oh my god, I love this shade and it lasts a really long time. Lately it’s my go to basic for when I’m feeling lazy but want the look of eyeshadow. It’s just a tad darker than my skin tone and looks like just natural shadow, like shadow shadow not eyeshadow. lol. But if I’m doing proper eyeshadow, I have to be ready for it. My eyeshadows tend to be, at the very least, 3 colors. The main color, a darker color for the crease and a lighter color for near the nose/tear duct. You have to blend each color seamlessly into another, going back and forth from other colors, but it turns out beautiful. A youtuber that I love to watch for “out there” eyeshadow is Vintageortacky. That’s how my eyeshadow used to be like, somewhat. I do not have all the beautiful colors she had.
Anyways, I do have another way you can wear eyeshadow without really looking like you’re wearing anything. Find a brown, it would be best if it was matte, and a shade that flatters and looks like the actual shadow on your face. Just swipe into the crease of your eye, blend and ta-da you’re look is done. Now you can add your eyeliner. Oops, did I forget to mention that when you wear eyeshadow you wait to put on your eyeliner because it might get covered up? Oh well, now you know.

The Basics: Highlighting

I never highlighted until I took my intro to stage make up class. I didn’t contour for that matter as well. Taking that class also coincided with me getting Watt’s Up as a birthday sample from Sephora (you know, the gift they give you on your birthday, that one). And I have to say that it’s my all time favorite product. I LOVE it. The sample size is the absolute perfect size to use underneath the arch of your eyebrow, reach the inner corner of your eye, down the length of your nose and hell, even the swipe across the tops of your cheekbones. Sure, the normal size might work better on the cheeks but I love how small the sample is. Highlighting adds this extra bit of, I don’t know what to call it but lets just call it ummph. Swipe it on then smudge it out and you look ready to have your picture taken. (almost…but you get what I mean).

Highlighting also helps fix what you don’t like, without needing plastic surgery. If you have a crooked nose, swipe a straight line down your nose (after you’ve contoured), blend it out, and bam you have a straight nose. The inner corner is optional and will depend on iff you’re doing a full face of make up. That’s the only time I tend to use it because I’m good with just the arch, nose and cheekbone. Some times I even leave highlighting till last.


The Basics: Blush

Most people go straight to highlighting after contouring. I don’t. I don’t really know why, but I like going straight to blush and then highlighting. My favorite blush is a blush I got off the side of the road in Mexico. All it says is Italia in 22 Burnt Orange. I am getting to the point where I do need to get another one so if I find one similar in color then I’ll let you know. I also occasionally use the blush in the Elf Beach Beauty palette (which I bought last year) or even Tint & Sass cheek stain (ipsy sample so i don’t know in what color) The stain is definitely more natural. The elf blush is more pink while the italia one is more peachy. The color of your blush will either depend on the eyeshadow color or your skin tone. Depending on your look, you might not even want to do blush. I usually do go for blush unless I’m in a goth/dark moment, then I skip it. Anyways, brush your blush starting at the apples of your cheeks back towards your ears. As before, start off light and gradually add intensity. Do not be that child playing in her mothers make up box. 

The Basics: Contouring

So once I’ve gotten my foundation and eyeliner on, my face tends to look a little flat, so I need to contour and highlight. I have a very round face and like to contour my face so that it doesn’t look as round. I took a intro to stage make up class in high school and that’s where I learned how to do it. The main spots to contour are going to be just underneath your cheekbones (suck in your cheeks and swipe your brush inside the hallow), on the temples of your forehead, and down the length of your nose. You always want to start off light and gradually build up to the desired color. Don’t put too much on, because people 10 feet away aren’t meant to notice it. I personally use Wet n Wild Mega Glow in Starlight Bronze 348, but it is very shimmery. It’s perfect for the summer, but not so much when you don’t really have a tan since it tends to be a little orangey. I recommend that you find the perfect matte brown shade for you. I found the perfect color for me in Elf Palette that I bought last year. I don’t know the name of the shade but its the bigger “bronzer” in the Beach Beauty palette.
Of course if you want to be a little more natural in the contouring just stick with the cheeks. Here is a video that’ll help with contouring and highlighting, which is coming up.

*p.s. I’m not that great at photoshop so please blend it out till there is no line of contour. If you use powder, it won’t come out like an intense line, but still blend. It’s very important to not looking like you are putting on a mask.

The Basics: Eyeliner

Eyeliner comes in many forms. There are pencil, liquid, felt/liquid, and gel. I started with pencil, which is best for a soft look because pencils tend to smudge more than liquid or gel and can’t give you the sharp lines the other ones do. My personal favorite right now is Lord & Berry #1001 Black Silk. It’s a sample from one of my Ipsy bags and is a mini kajal (whatever that is) kohl liner. It doesn’t smudge as much as others I’ve tried. I personally use pencil eyeliners when I’m feel lazy though because you have to constantly sharpen them if you want a sharp line, which a winged liner requires.
From liquid I moved on to gel, which is my personal favorite. I use Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner in Black Matte. It glides on like butter and is this deep intense black shade. It also comes with a dual ended brush that I love. The brush allows me precision when drawing a winged liner. But this one does take the most time, because you’re adding the brush and being very careful using it, that I tend to use it only when I feel like taking more time or have more time to do my make up.
So for everyday eyeliner, I tend to use liquid. Liquid is the hardest to get used to and was the last one I learned. I use Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in 13, which is black or if I’m feeling colorful, 5, which is this beautiful turquoise color. The colors are very pretty in both liners, but be wear because on me, these liners tend to flake off towards the end of the day. But at least they don’t smudge which gel and pencil tend to do. Since I have oily eyes, I tend to use Aqua Liner the most because it is waterproof.

Now, my basic eyeliner is not really a basic, at least if you are just starting out. I love a winged liner and it the best shaped liner for me. It elongates my eyes and helps with my face shape, which is round. It is somewhat hard to learn but once you do, it’s super easy. My tip is to liner your lid in a simple regular fashion, from outer eye to smaller point at the inner eye corner. Then make a line from where ever you’d like your liner to end, most likely diagonal from the outer corner of my eye, and connect to original liner. Then from the tip of the wing, swoop it towards the middle of your eye/eyeliner. All you have to do from there is fill in the shape and maybe adjust how thick your liner is. This might leave you a little bit confused so here are a couple youtube videos.

1 & 2 & 3

The Basics: Foundation

Foundation is also something that depends on what you want and need. You can get sheer, medium or full coverage foundation in either cream, liquid or powder forms. I like full coverage because it helps hide my imperfections like acne scars and gives me a blank slate to work off of. If you’re looking for a cheap drugstore foundation, I like Rimmel 25 hour Liquid Foundation. No, it does’t last that long, but it’s my favorite out of the ones I’ve tried. My shade is 300 Sand. Currently though, I am wearing a foundation that I tried because of my Ipsy bag. Its called Laneige BB Cushion. It’s a Korean make up brand that you can buy it at Target. It cost $30 but they only have 3 shades. The medium shade works for me and if you can shell out the money for it, I’d also advise getting the dark shade for contouring. I had the sample with all three colors and I used the lighter shade for highlight and the darker one for contouring. I really like how natural it looked. The foundation itself, with concealer makes your skin look perfect, at least it does for me and doesn’t make my face dry out. Though it might look shiny if you have oily skin like me. i usually just carry around blotting paper to help control shine though.

Anyways, moving on. You can apply foundation with either a flat brush, a stipple brush, a make up sponge, a beauty blender or you own fingers. I have never tried the beauty blender or a stipple brush. I personally don’t like the sponge because it sucks up a lot of foundation so I tend to use either my flat foundation brush or my fingers. Because I’m lazy, I use my fingers more often because it takes me forever to getting around to cleaning my brushes and you don’t want your face to break out because you used a brush loaded with bacteria. But if you use your fingers, you have to make sure they’re clean as well before touching your face, but I really like how your fingers warm up the foundation and help it spread and blend.

Extra tip: You are going to need, at minimum, two different colors through out the year. I bought my Laneige foundation just before I spent a week at the beach for vacation and realized that I was too dark for it. So I reverted to my old foundation until my tan faded. You tend to be darker in the middle months of the year and lighter in the beginning and end of the year, so just aheads up.

Okay, this is random but I gotta get this off my chest

Oh. My. God. Excuse me but I have to rant for a little bit.

****turn away if you haven’t read the latest chp of Naruto Shippuden****

I’ve been a fan of Naruto (and Naruto Shippuden) since I was in middle school and it played on Cartoon Network. Back when Cartoon Network used to be good. Anyways, moving on. Since I live in America and it lags behind on episodes, I started reading the manga and waiting for a chapter every week. I’ve been missing the past couple ones, so today I caught up and Oh my god. I am so furious, and upset, and whiplashed. Like they finally defeated the big bad of the current arc. Everything was finally tied up. The world was saved. Team 7 finally reunited. Naruto got to say goodbye to his father and turn seventeen. The tailed beast were no longer mad at the world. Everything was good. 
Then Fucking Sasuke, like fuck you. First of all, I literally experienced whiplash when he announced that he wanted to execute all the Kages. Like what the fuck!?! You just helped saved the world and you are still hellbent on revenge????!!!! It literally took me minutes to read the last half of the chapter because after all that happiness of the last chapter and the beginning of this chapter, Naruto telling his father what to say to his mother when he sees her again in death and stuff like that, I just could not believe what was going on. Like no!!!!!!!! What the hell is he doing? He had finally somewhat redeemed himself in my eyes, after I’ve hated him since he deserted the Leaf Village and all that. Then he pulls this shit, entrapping the tailed beasts and wanting to lead a revolution on the world. Like what the actual fuck?!?!?! You, you, you, ahhh!!!! Yeah I’m having some serious feels about this right now.
This last arc was intense and shit and I felt like we we’re finally coming to end and then Sasuke and the writer pulls this shit. Like I can’t deal with this. I literally walked away from my screen when I read the line about Sasuke executing the Kages. And every line after that. This chapter had me on the floor cursing Sasuke and shouting what the fuck. Thankfully no one is home to witness that. Because they would probably think I’m crazy for being so furious and caught up in a book/manga. Anyways, that was my rant. Hopefully it made sense, and if not, well I’m still too upset over what just happened to think properly.
What. The. Fuck!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? 

The Basics: Concealer

After skin care, the next thing I usually do is apply concealer and foundation. You might have to deal with under eye circles and redness. The type of concealer depends on what you are trying to hide. If you are trying to counteract the blues and purples under your eyes, use a peach or orange tinted concealer. If it’s redness or pimples, try a green tinted concealer. I usually only have to deal with acne (the white kind not red) and acne scars, so I use a concealer just a bit lighter than my own. But if you were to only want to wear concealer, you’d need it to match your skin tone. Anyways the one I use is called Boo-Boo Cover-Up and I got it from my ipsy bag. I really like it because a little goes a long away and no redness or acne scar shows through. It is a little lighter than I’d like, but is disappears under foundation. 

With concealer you want to pat it in, not rub it. Rubbing might cause more redness and wrinkles as well as spreading the product too thin to cover anything. Patting the edges helps blend it into your skin and disappear.

Let’s Play with Some Make Up

Now, since I feel in the mood to draw and practice with my tablet, I’ve decided to draw out my make up routine. Like every girl who wears make up, I have a set routine that I wear every day. Not that I do, but I have one that on days which I feel lazy, I can pick and choose to still get the look I present. So with that in mind, on we go.

I have already told you my skin care routine, and it revolves around fighting my acne. If you need a refresher search the #fight that acne tag and start with that. I, personally have found what works for me and if something works for you, use that. But you want to have some sort of skin care routine if you are going to wear make up. Make up can block your pores and affect how you skin feels and reacts. Once you have a good skin care routine, make up comes next. For the sake of easier learning, I am leaving the face on the picture white so that we can see the concealer and foundation.

I usually either draw on paper or on my iPad with the pencil stylus from FiftyThree, but recently, I lost it. Lets have a silent moment for my stylus please. 

lol jk anyway, I do have an into us wacom tablet that I haven’t used in forever. I got a couple months after I got my computer my freshman year. This picture is me trying it out again, but this time, freehand. Usually I sketch on paper, scan it in, then trace and color with my tablet in photoshop.

It’s really hard to draw freehand on Photoshop. I tried to draw a body like I usually do. I can sketch up a figure in literally five minutes. The one I drew was so bad I cringed. So anyways here is my second try and I tried to focus on just the face. It still needs work but it’s easier than it used to be back in high school. It’s just the hand eye coordination that I need to work on.

p.s. the confetti is some random square brush on photoshop. I didn’t even know it did that till I started using it. I just decided to go with it.